VIDEO | “Lottery” @mikeyaristotle @huedproductions


The social media age of hip-hop has proven to be very telling for some artists. All it takes is the wrong rant or the wrong tweet and you’re exposed. There are a lot of great indie artists who have used the platform to gain more fans and become more accessible to their fans. Snapchat has taken over the last couple of years and this is the platform of the future; artists are already using the platform to show sneak peaks of records. Atlanta’s Michael Aristotle has taken it a step further and premiered his “Lottery” video on the social media channel last Friday afternoon.

Aristotle released the Wili Hendrixs produced cut a few weeks back and decided to have fun with the video. We’re entertained by the song as Mikey and his crew play Monopoly and even make it rain with the fake currency. The Hued Productions directed video is very simple, kind of like how the production is, and allows you to just enjoy the song and the experience.


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