AUDIO | “Travel The Map (Soulseize Remix)” @imperialbeats @iamkinetik @ODDISEE @illect


Long gone are the days of actual hip-hop remixes. We see “remix” now and it’s someone just tacking a verse onto the same beat. While the “All The Way Up” remix was fire, who’s still talking about it? That’s the problem: remixes are supposed to be a totally different song. Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K are pretty good at giving us remixes that differ from their original songs and they do so today with this Soulseize remix to their Oddisee featured “Travel The Map”.

While we still get to hear Oddisee and K tell us about their travels around the world, the Soulseize production takes us in a different atmosphere. With its light guitar and thumping drums, this track will have you visiting all of the places they mention while nodding your head furiously. It’s one of those beats that creeps up on you; you don’t think you’re going to spazz out to it until you realize you’re banging your head and doing rap hands.


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