EP | “Indica” @WillyJPeso


Rappers are always told to rap about what they know. Fans get offended when they hear a trap rapper try to do a song that doesn’t have to do with slanging dope and flying down the highway with bricks in the paneling of the car. Fans get offended when a lyrical rapper tries to craft a party song. Sometimes it’s ok to venture out of your lane but if you’re true to one subject it can benefit you in the long run. Enter Willy J Peso who decides to stay in his lane and talk about weed on his new seven track Indica EP.

Willy experiments a little on here as he gives us some singing in auto-tune on the Plus featured “West West” but for the most part he stays true to his signature sound. Production on this one comes from Natra Average, Philup Banks, Crowe, Vybe Trybe, DJ Brown, KLVN, and Jerry Parker. Had a bad day? Just want to throw one back? You’ll find something on here to vibe out and relax to. Purchase on iTunes if you dig it enough.  


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