AUDIO | “Gods Bleed” @itsmacntaj


When I’m listening to emails it takes a LOT to impress me for an artist I’ve never heard from before. I get a lot of emails a day and I try to listen to all of them when I get time to blog. Most days that means I’m deleting a lot of them because there’s nothing original. When I opened the email for this new Macntaj track, I was blown away by what this guy could do on a track. You will be as well.

Mac knows that he’s a step above most indie artists which is why the song is titled “Gods Bleed”. Everyone now days claims to be a “god” or “king” of what they’re doing without really showing it. Mac proves in four minutes why he’s better than a lot of his counterparts with this record. While addressing this topic over a frantic beat from M3 and Qreepz he switches flows frequently, going from an aggressive one to a laid back one to a double time one all in the span of just a few seconds. You’re going to love this one.


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