#JHMF Saturday Selection 7/23/16

hovasmindframelogoPssttt. Guess what? We’re officially in the home stretch before football season begins! Training camp begins for many teams starting this and next week and even though it’s pre-season, we’ll have a game in a couple of weeks as well. Anyway, I had to mention that because I’m excited for football season to be back. I know it has nothing to do with the songs in this post. Speaking of which, here are my favorites from this week on the site.

It’s not often that all of the songs I select are on Soundcloud so I wanted to do something a little different this week and put them in a playlist. From the soothing and new sounds of Mr. Kinetik‘s new production to the multi-flowed and aggressive “Gods Bleed” from Macntaj to the humble sounds of Alex Aff and the posse cut of the iLLustrious crew (KoJazz, Bishop, See.Francis) there’s something for everyone on this playlist.



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  1. Davaion Bristol says:

    How would I submit new music

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