AUDIO | “She Gettin To The Money” @DapaDon


To some men, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who earns her own living. Hip-hop has always been enamored with this idea of “boss women” and those who get to it; whether is a stripper, a career woman, or she’s in school, this has been a recurring subject in hip-hop. New York’s Dapa Don tells us about a certain type of lady on his latest single, “She Gettin To The Money”.

Dap is good when it comes to the lyrics but on this one he shows off his singing chops more than anything. He’s done this in the past but this one sounds more polished than his previous releases. “She Gettin’ To The Money” is seductive track dedicated to the ladies who take it off and bend over so we can see it. Produced by The Synasetic, Dap takes all of the ones and tosses them in the air so he can see what this young lady is all about.



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