VIDEO | “Pluto” @nonsensehiphop


The New Jersey hip-hop scene is slowly coming into it’s own. Of course you’ve had artists like Redman and Joe Budden come from there in the past but now the indie scene is starting to be exposed. You have the likes of See.Francis and Nellz giving us stories and gritty lyrical content, respectively. Now we get to meet another artist that will make you dig deep and try to find the meaning to his lyrics with nonSense.

As a kid, nonSense began his journey to music through poetry. He used this as his creative outlet until falling in love and making the transition to music like so many artists have done. The video for “Pluto” has some hidden meanings behind it as we see nonSense tied up and what looks to be interrogated by some guys in masks. They look like they’re not there to play games with the tools they have as well as nonSense spits bar after bar about not letting up. It’s an intriguing video to say the least and you’ll be wondering what happens next at the end. This is the final track from his recently released Mercury Retrograde project.


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