ALBUM | “It Was Summer” @Just_Bishop @seefrvncis @KoJazz @MusicByMeRCY

ItWasSummer(FrontCover) (1)

Summer is always fun. Plenty of sunshine, vacation time, great music, good liquor. Summer is made for making memories and you have to have some solid music to remember those memories by. If you’re a weirdo like I am, you have certain songs that remind you of summer. iLLustrious Music Group is looking to capture that vibe and make you remember Summer 16 with their new It Was Summer album this week.

The crew, composed of Bishop, See.Francis, KoJazz, and MeRCY, give us nostalgia laced production from Solidified as they pound lyric after lyric to make you feel the summer heat. Other producers include Latrell James, Blaq, Ill Tal, and E. Mishene. It’s refreshing to hear a collaborative group effort that boasts lyrical raps as well as a fun vibe to rock out to. Check out the 11 track album below and get that feeling to reminisce to for Summer 17.


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