AUDIO | “Black Diamonds” @JahshuaSmith @AdamReverie @JamesGardin @RedPillRap


Just wake up in the morning and turn on the news. Anymore you’re looking at a story of a young black man being killed by the police or police brutality being enforced on a crowd of black people. This is what 2016 has become and will probably be remembered for in history. While Jahshua Smith gets ready for the release of his The Fourth Wall project, he unleashes his feature heavy second single in”Black Diamonds”.

Produced by StewRAT and featuring a lovely chorus from PhourTheLove, “Black Diamonds” delves into the killing of young black men by police from the view point of three black males and a white one as well. Smith calls on help from fellow Michigan artists Adam Reverie, James Gardin, and Red Pill to examine the state of police brutality in 2016. This record is powerful, timely, and has Reverie going OFF with his part. These young men are tired of seeing men of their own color dying at the hands of police and you should be too. I appreciate Red Pill’s verse a lot too.


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