AUDIO | “Camry’s” @TiaYesMore


When you hear music from California you’re used to hearing a couple of styles, hyphy and gangster stuff. TDE have done a good job of switching that up as did Dom Kennedy but for the most part, hyphy and G music is what runs California. The Bay is most notably known for the hyphy sound so when you hear something different coming from that area it’s a nice surprise. Meet Tia Nomore and her new hard hitting “Camry’s” track.

Tia pays homage to Bay legend Mac Dre in the lyrics but that’s as far as the Bay sound goes. This one has funky synths and heavy 808’s, a combination that makes it sound like a car driving down the street rattling your windows. Produced by exclusive, Tia shows out lyrically on this one. She tells us a “back then they didn’t want me” type of story with “Camry’s”, shouting out the reasonably priced sedan in the hook plenty of times. This is a solid track from an artist I didn’t know existed until today so you should at least give it a shot and stream it.


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