AUDIO | “I’m Sayin’ Tho” @SheIsBaeGod @Sbvce


Genre bending is becoming the norm in the hip-hop world anymore. You have singers who give us bars for verses then you have rappers who want to sing. The line between what is hip-hop and what is R&B is so blurred that nobody can really tell anymore Doesn’t matter though because there’s a lot of fire music coming from it. “I’m Sayin’ Tho” from Baegod and Sbvce tackles this line blurring and makes a memorable track from it.

For the loosie they dropped recently, they’re not here to play around and don’t take too kindly to people playing games. Backed by menacing organs that sound like they could be taking you to Dracula’s lair, Sbvce does the bulk of the vocals on the hook while Baegod comes in for a verse that’s half flow/half singing. Her soft voice mixed with the sinister aura of the beat blend together to make something that’s fun yet aggressive. Sbvce comes back in with the hook and seals the deal for the remainder of the track.


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