AUDIO | “The Story Of A King” @FliBoiMV


We see kings as miserable, big, fat white people in the movies and television. Often times that’s what they were in the early centuries but there are also the Kings that came from Africa as well. Everybody wants to be a king now days and few manage to gain that title after working hard and putting in the time and effort. Mikey Vegaz knows that he’s meant to be a king and tells us his story on the new “The Story Of A King” with Dominique Soundz.

If you couldn’t tell, this is going to be a track that tells you a story. Mikey taps Buckmouth Beatz to help him get something melodic that allows him to give us the ups and downs of his life as a kid. Thanks to his lyrics, you’re able to see vividly what his past was like and how he’s come from that to where he’s at right now. Soundz on the hook is a solid fit that helps bring the track all together.


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