#JHMF Saturday Selection 7/30/16


Guys. Guys…guys…guys!! We’ve made it. This is the last weekend of the year without some sort of football happening! NFL season is right around the corner so if you’re not a Dallas Cowboys fan then you better start…eh, who am I kidding? I’m in for another mediocre season as a fan like I have been the past 20 years. I wish nothing but bad things on all of your teams and hope you don’t prosper in fantasy football either. Hatehatehatehate!

After seeing some success with the way I did Saturday Selection last week, I figured I would roll with it again in the playlist form. Of course not every song I like is going to be on Soundcloud, like the video for nonSense’s “Pluto” record, so you’ll be able to play and watch stuff like that under the playlist. There was some heat in the form of political raps from Jahshua Smith, James Gardin, Adam Reverie, Red Pill on “Black Diamonds”. We had a summertime track come through from electro/band/group Decent at Best in the form of “Sideways”Fool Boy Marley asked his significant other to take him back and he laid his heart on the line with “Better Man”; and finally Tia Nomore reminisced on her past with the Bay banger “Camry’s. Check those all out below.


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