AUDIO | “Gutter Noise” @TaiyamoDenku @amrambunxious @majestic_l @dcypha


Hardcore hip-hop is trying to make a comeback in the form of gritty and lyrical tracks. You usually think of that style coming from New York but this time it’s coming from the Packer state; yep, Wisconsin is holding it down for this hardcore hip-hop revival that’s about to take place soon. Taiyamo Denku brings on new Cypha Den Music artists L. Majestic and RamBunxious for “Gutter Noise”.

From the moment you hear the scathing synths and drums you’ll feel like you’re transported back to the 90’s. The nearly four minute track, produced by DCypha, is full of lyrical bars that will win you over or have you saying “whoa” when you hear them. If you dig the hardcore style of hip-hop and want to see it make a comeback, this is where you need to start channeling that support.


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