VIDEO | “Valley Risen” @JKJ412 @RareNation @BeyondDreams412


While summer has seen mostly party music come through the site, there have been a few excellent tracks that haven’t been about turning up. There have been a few in the last couple weeks and we get another one tonight with JKJ and the video for his “Valley Risen” track.

The Nate Kodi produced record sees JKJ thinking back on some darker times, hence why the video is dark throughout. He reflects on Y2K, many of the people he knows passing in 2012, and even smiling when he still gets mail with his brothers name on it. The beat from Kodi is a haunting one, sounding like it could be heard in a short horror film as ambiance while people are walking through a dark room. While this song is a bit dark, it shows that JKJ is still proud of who he is and where he was raised in his area of Pittsburgh, PA.


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