AUDIO | “Stunt Now” @CoreyLee610 @808Trel


When an artist and producer build chemistry together you can tell after a while that it’s talent. Just think about all the dope relationships hip-hop has created with people by them working together. Thanks to Jay & Dame we got Just & Kanye. Thanks to Dipset we got Heatmakerz. Thanks to Dr. Dre we got Eminem. That list can keep going for a while. Now I’m not saying these two are on those levels yet but the chemistry that Corey Lee and Yung Trel have had this year is phenomenal. They do it again with “Stunt Now”.

This record features a mellow track from Trel, something that sounds like it could be used for a ladies record for a trap artist. Corey switches it up and stunts throughout, as he chants this for the first 30 seconds or so before going into his verse. He serves up witty lines like usual but it’s the end of the song that will grab your attention the most. We go from the mellow track to a sped up version that sees Corey hitting us with a double time flow to keep up with it. Look for more heat from them as they keep things going this year.



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