VIDEO | @TwonDonUC Gives Us More Music On @Instagram


With social media wars still heating up thanks to Instagram stories I wanted to take the time to talk about artists better utilizing their social media. First of all, if a blog posts you don’t just retweet the post and keep it moving. You should do an original tweet about it. If I or any of my blogging/journalist colleagues took the time to listen and write something original about you that’s the least you can do. Secondly, you should be thinking of creative ways to entice your fans to share your music. That’s what TwonDon is doing once again on his Instagram.

As he did earlier this week, Twon takes to his Instagram profile to tease new music. This one has him spitting bars in the same location with a Cavs throwback jersey on which is something I need to acquire for my jersey collection. There will be one more part to this series coming soon so until then check this one out and get prepared for the new tunes from him.




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