EP | “Good Things Take Time” @MaineTheSaint


Man, the title of this EP I’m posting is the truest statement in the world. Good things really do take time. You might want things now and that’s fine, but the harder you work and the more effort you put in, the better it will be when you finally get it. Good things will come to you when they’re supposed to. You can’t rush something like a music career; people don’t blow up overnight, that’s just a figure of speech. Maine The Saint knows that and he speaks on it with his music today.

The FREENATION member hooks us up with four tracks on a whim to keep fans held over for his upcoming Humble Beginnings album. Maine’s gruff voice can be heard on some chilled out beats as he drops bar after bar of heat. If you’ve never heard of him before now then this project is the perfect way to find out if you will dig his music. Check him out below.


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