AUDIO | “Just A Summer Love” @MrBetterThanYou @goldxhaze


Think back to your first summer love. You probably experienced it as a teenager or maybe in college even. It all starts with some casual flirting and before you know it, you’ve fallen for this person. You spend (or want to spend) every single day with them whether it’s going to the pool or heading to the mall. You may have even lost your virginity to this person so it has more meaning to you. Summer love is fun but they always end at some point. Uncle TreY has a summer love anthem for us today with his new “Just A Summer Love” single.

The Gold Haze produced track sees TreY reminiscing over some old flames while the beat sounds like it’s perfect for a cook-out. TreY weaves fun wordplay in and out of this one while he reflects on the nostalgia of summer loves. This one will have you thinking of your own summer love; whether you smile or frown while thinking depends on the situation.


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