ALBUM | “The Giving Tree” @RoyTheSavage


Artists in 2016 lack diversity. There are so many that can only do one thing when it comes to music. That’s fine but where it’s a problem is when they try to go out of their lane and be diverse. Not everyone can sing and not everyone can rap. Also, not everyone knows how to make a song. When you find an artist that can blend all of these elements it’s rare and we need to start caring more about their music. New York’s Roy The Savage is able to make songs. He’s able to spit bars and just rap. He’s also a pretty damn good poet as well. Today he’s dropped his The Giving Tree album with a mixture of all of these elements for us to hear.

Roy drops 13 tracks of poetry, summertime tracks, and more on his new album. He speaks on social issues (“E.N.Y.”) while also catering to the ladies (“Kit Kat”, “Her Song”) and does it all from a soulful and original approach. His flows on some tracks have yet to be heard by some people and the slow tempo of most of the project is perfect to put on when you’re wanting to relax and vibe out to some good music. Take this ride with Roy and experience life through his eyes.


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