VIDEO | “Warning” @AkielBeatz @BeyondDreams412 @RareNation

Akiel Beatz Warning

In 2016 the lines of region have become so blurred that you can barely see them anymore. There are many artists that sound like they’re from the south based on their delivery and the production they use. Let’s face it, the South had something to say and what they said was they were taking over the landscape of hip-hop. Hailing from New York but relocating to Pittsburgh recently is Rare Nation’s Akiel Beatz. He falls into this category, at least with this song, as it’s a blend of aggressive bars and something that 808 Mafia would produce.

“Warning” might serve as an introduction to Akiel’s music to most of us but he has the sound of a person who’s refined and been doing this for quite some time. He shows off an array of flows with his deep voice, mixing in pop culture references occasionally while holding onto his dog leash. The video matches the vibe of the song so well that you’ll only see black and white when you hear the audio of the song. Let this song serve as a warning to other artists: Akiel is not to be messed with when it comes to the lyrical content. Watch the BeyondDreams directed video below.


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