#JHMF Saturday Selection 8/13/16


One of the things I’m glad that I’ve done for the site this year is focus less on how many posts I get up. It was draining trying to empty my email every day only to have it fill up the next day. I’m OCD about my notifications on my phone and it’s even worse when my inbox isn’t at zero. Instead I decided to switch things up and focus more on the writing. There are so many sites out there that cater to indie artists but what’s going to make JHMF standout is the writing. Music is supposed to give you a feeling and that’s what I want you to experience through the writing here. So here are some of my favorites I got to write about this week.

C. Shreve is no slouch when it comes to lyrical content. This is a man who’s mastered his craft and mixes the right amount of flow, aggression, and bars to make his music enjoyable. His video for “Asystole” proves that this week. Then we have a song that takes us into a totally different vibe and direction from Nomad and Dan Boy Smooth as they tell us about their obsessions on “New Obsession”.  Uncle TreY then gives us a record to reminisce about summer love with great production from Gold Haze on “Just A Summer Thing”. If you’re looking for a video that tells a story, along with the music, Tawaine Hall and Brandon Marcel hook that up with the excellent “Me & You” video. Finally two tracks that came through and surprised me last night were from Bishop and Gino, respectively. These tracks are polar opposites as Bishop tells us about heartbreak on “Brujeria” and Gino talks to us about grinding with his lady on “U&I”. Hit the links above to see the original posts and videos, listen to the playlist below.



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