VIDEO | “I’m Sorry” @JoynerLucas

Screenshot 2016-08-13 at 10.48.55 AM

I’ve been talking about how music is supposed to give you a feeling when you hear it this week. You’re supposed to feel something that the artist is either intending for you to feel or that they have went through at a point in their life. This is one of the saddest songs I’ve heard since I listened to Ab-Soul bare it all on “The Book Of Soul” from Control System. I’ve been a fan of Joyner Lucas’ music for a while now and I think he brings something to hip-hop that a lot of artists are missing out on: he brings passion and he gives you a feeling with his music. Prepare for the tears to fall on “I’m Sorry”.

Joyner’s topic tackles depression, mental health, and suicide. The video shows us a loved one of his trying to hang himself as Joyner is reading the note he left behind. Things happen and this mean doesn’t work but there’s a backup plan. You get two sides of this story: one is from the person who is depressed and the other is Joyner dealing with the aftermath. I think we’ve all been there before where we’ve said, “what would happen if I were gone?”. It’s not a fun thing to think about and depression along with mental health is nothing to take lightly. This song is necessary and it even had tears coming down from me; you think about your loved ones and you hope this is something they never have to endure. There’s a message at the end for suicide prevention. Please, if you know anyone going through this right now give them a call. Take some time out of your day and chat with them. You never know, you could be saving their life.


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