#JHMF PREMIERE: VIDEO | “Remain” @AdamReverie @BeyondDreams412


Figuring out who you are in life is a task that many people still haven’t done well into their 30’s or 40’s. Some people never figure out who they really are, just going along in life with a mundane approach of things. When you do figure out who you are though, it’s a beautiful thing. I’ve known from a very young age that I wanted to help people no matter what; I was brought up with a family that did this and I wanted to spread this to help others as well. But it’s also hard to stay that person over the course of life. Things happen that can change your approach. Adam Reverie isn’t going to let anything change him and he talks about it in the video for “Remain”.

Reverie is coming off of a fire freestyle for Sway & Royce 5’9″ while also having DJ Booth’s outstanding writer Yoh do a feature on him with his #SignRevToDreamville campaign. “Remain” was released earlier this year but we get a soulful video to help give it more life while we lead up to the Soul Ties EP dropping at the end of the month (you can stream it starting 8/30 exclusively on this site). Directed by David Newbury, this video gives us a glimpse into Rev the person; we see him having some fun and dancing in front of a stone wall and pondering life in front of a river in Pittsburgh. No matter what happens in life, Adam Reverie will not change and will stay the same person he has been coming up in the game. I’m proud to present this video today and I hope you hop on the Rev Bandwagon.


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