ALBUM | “HYPNAGOGIA” @noleacyahsin @davywreck


Music doesn’t have to come to you in a certain genre. One of my favorite things with the internet has been this seamless creation of genre bending songs. You can have a song that features heavy bass and sounds like a trap rap song become something for a singer. You can have electronic music masking itself as R&B; there are just so many things that have been created thanks to the internet. Virginia’s Noleac Yahsin has had some solid records over the course of this year and she’s ready for us to hear more of her music with producer Davy Wreck with HYPNAGOGIA.

Dreams and reality often intersect, as does music now days. This album is the product of when Noleac’s dreams cross reality and vice versa. The 808’s hit hard on this project and her smooth voice finds a way to prevail behind all of that bass. This isn’t your typical R&B project so come into this one with an open mind and you’ll be satisfied with it.


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