AUDIO | “Jungle Fever” @MusicByMeRCY @Solidified_


The genre of hip-hop that some of us grew up on is beginning to make a comeback thanks to artists with a gritty and lyrical attitude. Many artists from Florida aren’t known for their lyrical prowess but MeRCY is changing that one bar at a time and continues to impress with his latest single, “Jungle Fever”. 

The Solidified produced record is gritty and sounds like something you would hear if you walked down a creepy alley late at night. The boom-bap drums from Solidified helps bring the tone as MeRCY talks about coming up from the “jungle” as a youth and how it molded him into the man that he has become today. While I give MeRCY praise, I also want to show some love to Solidified because he’s becoming one of the most diverse indie producers out right now. iLLustrious is lucky to have him as the in-house guy for all of their joints. As a bonus, we get a snippet of MeRC’s “Creepy Crawlers” record as well. Check both of these out below.


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