AUDIO | “TOTC” @thehomiealexaff @ImDefactoHoe


You know what I just realized? If you’re a person who gets tired of there not being substance in hip-hop, you’re just not listening to the right artists. That’s what I’m here to help do; I want to put you onto great music and help these artists get heard by people as well. Alex Aff is an artist I think you need to keep an eye on as he’s fun, has good lyrical content, and even produces his own music. Today he drops another solid track with “TOTC” featuring fellow Durham, NC native Defacto Thezpian.

Aff opens up with “Ain’t worried about being the best anymore” seconds into his first verse, showing that he’s confident and comfortable with the music he makes. He’s no longer out here trying to impress other artists or people in general. The verses hit hard from Aff & Defacto while the chorus will make you start nodding your head as it’s catchy and fun in nature. Aff is getting prepared to drop his Phases project this fall so keep an eye out for that in the next few weeks.


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