AUDIO | “Expressionless” @K1ngEljay


Being creative is such a blessing for some people. There are times where an idea will pop into your head and you won’t know what to do with it other than tell someone. Then you have artists who have an idea and can make that into a track at the drop of a hat. My good friend K1ng Eljay is a person that can hear something, chop it for himself, and flip it to a dope track. He’s done this in the past (see his Cloverfield project) and returns to do it with some inspiration from ScHoolboy Q on “Expressionless” today.

You’ll hear one of Q’s tracks chopped on this one but Eljay comes with the witty and pun worthy bars throughout, taking this and flipping it to be something great. “Wave it Bye Bye/N’Sync with the lines and it glide/with the smootheness of Omarion in Timberlands” is a dope line and many of these exist throughout the track. I got to hear some rough versions of his upcoming music and I have to say, his growth as an artist is about to be undeniable to the masses. Have fun with this one until then.


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