AUDIO | “Flex” @Leeb_Godchild


Going from “making music” to “I make music for a living” is a big step for many artists. Some people do it in their spare time as a hobby or a release of sorts. Then you have artists that want to make it but don’t know how to get around to doing it. These artists sit stagnant due to whatever circumstance it may be that’s keeping them from achieving their dream. Then you have artists like Leeb Godchild who know their potential and want to be star. The Philadelphia artist has been perfecting his craft since 2011 and is ready for the world to hear him on “Flex”.

Godchild addresses fakes and people who “flex” trying to be something they’re not on this new single. His melody and tone on the hook is catchy and will bring you in while he’s able to change up the flow on the spot. Don’t flex on people when you’re not stunting like that because you’re playing yourself. DJ Khaled would never want you to play yourself so don’t do that but you should listen to Godchild’s single below.


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