AUDIO | “Hope” x “Couple Days” @RealThaPoet


Seeing an artist progress is something that is amazing. When artists first begin they’re unpolished and brand new to the craft. Many haven’t been making music beyond rhyming for friends or writing lyrics so to get in the booth for the first time can be a difficult experience. You’re never going to dunk before you can dribble and that’s what making music is like. You get better the more you do it and eventually can craft great music. Kentucky’s R.E.A.L. Tha Poet is an example of an artist who has gotten better and progressed over time. He returns with two new singles today, one featuring David Napier and the other featuring Debraun Thomas.

R.E.A.L. has been studying some other artists to refine his craft and it has paid off with these two singles. “Hope” is just that, a song meant to give you hope when you’re down. It’s a track meant to have you searching for answers in society and he keeps it lyrical throughout. Meanwhile “Couple Days” is a fun yet lyrical record that has described my mood after work the last couple of days; it’s a way to release and get away from the things that are bogging you down in every day life. Both of these records are released in lieu of his upcoming Learn On The Fly project that will be released next Wednesday. I’m going home and getting an early listen to it tonight so I’ll tweet about it later.


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