AUDIO | “Spread Love” @mickjenkins @SangoBeats


We need to spread more love in the world. There’s so much hate and animosity from the moment you log on the internet and many instances when you go out in the real world. It seems the older I get the more cynical I see people become and that’s sad. Life is supposed to be fun and you’re supposed to enjoy it, not bring other people down into your misery because you’re not where you want to be. Mick Jenkins is cooking up his The Healing Component project and will be releasing it on September 23rd. “Spread Love”, produced by Sango, is the first single and it’s groovy.

Like most of Mick’s tracks, this one sounds like taking a dip into the waters to purify yourself. While we’re used to hearing Mick drop potent verses, he does a little bit of singing on the hook and it’s a nice change of pace. He hits us with a tale of being hated upon and instead of reciprocating that hate, he wants to do the opposite and spread love. It’s a hard concept to understand because misery loves company but even if someone is’nt in the giving spirit, you should try to counter them with love. Take a listen and get ready for his new project.


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