VIDEO | “Still Ridin Dirty” @KrisTru803


Southern music is infectious. It may even be my favorite part of hip-hop. There’s nothing like hearing someone talking about slabs and giving us country slang while that bass line thumps in the background. Kris Tru is cultivating his own lane with his style of music. I’ve described his music as “all of our favorite southern artists rolled into one” and that’s exactly what he sounds like. Don’t believe me? Take a listen to “Still Ridin Dirty”.

Tru currently resides in Alaska so you’ll see some nice scenery with snow in the background in some shots which is the polar opposite of how his music sounds. This was one of my favorite tracks on his Southan Comfort project from May and the video adds some depth to it. He takes us on a trip to the studio to record this one while meeting up with some friends and even shows off his lady friend throughout. If you haven’t heard his album, you should give it a listen. If you like southern sounding music you’ll definitely love it, just like I did.


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