VIDEO | “Late Night Walk” @JakeKostPDX @_afta1_


Typically I come up with my greatest ideas long after everyone else has went to sleep. This started in college and it’s something that is still a thing for me when writing and coming up with ideas for my day job. Sometimes taking a walk when it’s in the morning twilight can do wonders for stimulating your brain and giving you ideas for your life. It can even help you find solutions through tough situations. Portland’s Jake Kost goes on a “Late Night Walk” with his Afta-1 produced single and video.

This track will take you through Jake’s thought process as he wanders the Portland streets late at night. Afta-1’s soulful and jazzy production sets the tone for this track while Jake ponders life in lyrical form. If you have anything to be thinking about in your life, throw this on and go for a walk at night. I’m sure you’ll come up with the right answer to your problems.


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