ALBUM | “Dystopia’s Offspring” @BlueNovember @BANYRecords


Artists and creative people use life experiences as inspiration for their music and art, respectively. That song about getting over your ex that you’ve played 100 times in a row? Probably inspired by a real life situation even if most of the lyrics were changed just to sound good in a melody. It’s a gift and also a curse because it can leave you cynical or make you get to a point that you only get into situations just so you can create art/music about them. Some artists use this as a release though, which is what Blue November did for his new Dystopia’s Offspring.

This is what Blue had to say about the album:

“Over the course of this past summer I wrote this album, dissecting the situations I saw myself get into and the ways I perceived them. We’re all a product of any society we’re born into and it does no justice to hide the fact that the world is fucked up, and because of that, we are too. There’s beauty in it all though, at the end of the day.”

The Florida native sounds an awful lot like Mick Jenkins but the tone and sound of his music is the polar opposite. Tracks like “Twilight” sound like you’re walking through a dark alley at 2am while something like “Keef” will entice you to pour a drink and roll something up. These are the thoughts of a young man trying to figure out life over the course of a summer and I love the concept for this project. It’s available on all streaming outlets so if you like it enough, you should drop some money on it on iTunes.


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