AUDIO | “One More Chance” @soshusounds


If you had one more chance to right your wrongs, would you do it? Would you go fix everything that you ever did that was bad and try to help those you didn’t help while you were here? Would you make it up to the woman you loved? All of these are questions that make you think and ponder the meaning of having a second chance. DMV producer Soshu teams up with AYEKAY and Stefan James to explore these ideas on “One More Chance”.

This record blends generations of hip-hop into one as the soul sample and break compete with new age production to see which will win your ear first. AYEKAY then gives us a verse about all of the past transgressions he’s made in life while James reminds him of a person he no longer wants to be. For anyone who’s thought about making a change in life and struggled with it, this is something you need to hear. It will make you see that change isn’t bad and that if you do have one more chance, maybe you should make it right with people in your past.


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