EP | “BLOW.” @Tonio2Timez @iAmTheFatz


Concept projects are tricky to pull off sometimes. For starters, you have to have something that the listener finds interesting in order to grab their attention. Then you have to find the perfect type of production and sequencing to pull it off. If you can do that, then you have a great idea that’s able to come to life. Hip-hop is synonymous for loving movies about moving drugs; whether an artist can relate to that or not is only for them to know I guess. Indianapolis’ Bug$y teams up with DJ/producer DJ Fatz to tell us a short story from the perspective of himself and George Jung from the movie Blow on his appropriately titled Blow.

Bug$y tells the story of George Jung with lyrics that are similar to his life as well, drawing inspiration from scenes from the movie. The best part of this project is Fatz used samples from artists who’s music was featured in the movie; that means you’ll hear a sample from Marshall Tucker Band, Rolling Stones, & Nikki Costa on this project (it’s only three songs). The story telling is excellent and Bug$y has never been one to slack in the lyrical department since I’ve known him. If you’ve never seen Blow before, this is your synopsis for this excellent movie.


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