AUDIO | “Found My Faith In Omaha” @JamesGardin


Finding yourself is a journey in itself. I always say that I had no clue who I was until I was in college and that I learned more about life lessons there than I actually did from studying books and passing tests. Everyone has that moment where they want to find their faith or they want to figure out who they really are as a person. Soul searching is good for everyone, including James Gardin. He details finding his faith on “Found My Faith In Omaha” today.

Gardin gets production from Justin Kase and documents some time that he spent in Omaha, NE recently. Life can make you change how you feel about things and sometimes it’s important to go and figure out what you believe in. Gardin has never been one to shy away from making spiritual songs but this one reinforces who he is not only as an artist but as a person as well. Maybe we’ll get a series of these tracks from him like Drake does the time /place tracks every so often.


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