#JHMF Saturday Selection 8/27/16


I feel like I’ve just been counting down the days until football season with the last few Saturday Selection posts. Nothing wrong with that though because we have college football coming back next Saturday and it’s going to be GLORIOUS!! This week I finally got my email down to a reasonable inbox number and even did an Indie Artist Advice Periscope. I’ve been seeing artists having locked social media accounts and that’s the dumbest thing you can do as an indie artist. I won’t rant about it anymore but you can watch me talk about it here. With that being said, let’s get to this week’s favorites.

One of my new favorite artists doing it is Mick Jenkins and he’s getting ready to drop a new project in a couple of weeks. “Spread Love” is phenomenal and it’s a great song about positivity that needed to be share. We switch tones with Atlanta’s AxJ and his socially charged “Calm Down” as he gives us something to think about with police brutality. Tennessee’s X.A.E. gives us a country like track that has him bragging and boasting, something that will have you hype while pre-gaming with “Wayment” while Dapa Don and Heartbreak Mellz take us on a date with the “Nothin’ On You” video. Finally we get some soul searching with Sunny D. Light and his new “On My Soul” single; he experiments on this one so if you’re into electronic music you’ll dig this one. Hopefully the email will be down to zero after this three day weekend I’m taking so check the archives and the playlist for this week until then.


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