AUDIO | “Nobody Knows” @realJNolan


For every artist out there that makes music without substance, there’s an artist that makes music that will grab your attention for the substance it has. With trap rap populating most of Atlanta, there’s a small group of artists from that area that love lyrical content and pride themselves on it with every record. J. Nolan is one of those artists and he makes his return with a new style on “Nobody Knows”.

Nolan has described his new style as “progressive hip-hop”. He explains:

I now identify my genre as ‘Progressive Hip-Hop’ which means it’s a blend of the original tenets & foundation of old school Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, and contemporary sounds of today brought together with solid lyricism and songs that make you think while vibing to the production.”

“Nobody Knows” features a soft yet fun beat produced by Go Grizzly while boasting a feature from fellow lyrical artist JusThoughtZ. This serves as the first record released from Nolan’s upcoming Rise Of ATLantis. Nolan hopes to reclaim his city with his lyrical content for him and others alike with this project. Stream his new single below.



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