AUDIO | “The Family” @MrTruthCity


With the internet it’s hard to imagine a time where an artist was slept on anymore. There are so many ways that fans can get to their music and new fans can be exposed to it that it’s a phrase that might need to be put to rest. Until that time though, artists will always feel like their work isn’t appreciated and will use that hunger to make even better music until they’re found. TruthCity is planning on dropping his While You Were Sleeping project this fall and has released a sinister sounding first single with “The Family”.

Truth gets production from Yung Lan for his first new music in a few months and you can tell he’s been working. Truth is here to issue warnings to friends and enemies alike as hes not here to play around anymore. The piano keys playing softly as Truth gets angry is a nice touch as he goes in depth about leading the way and why he’s not the one to mess with. “The Family” is a great way to lead off the promotion of this album and it’s a great way to get to know TruthCity if you haven’t heard his music before today.


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