#JHMF PREMIERE: EP | “Soul Ties” @AdamReverie


I’ve been a fan of Adam Reverie’s music for a few years now. I don’t remember how I was introduced to his music but I knew the minute I heard him rap there was something special. He has this aura around him that shows just how authentic he is and he makes it a point to be creative with his lyrics. I’ve had the privilege of premiering his music, reviewing it, and putting people on to it for the last couple of years. Tonight, I get to do that all over again with the premiere of his Soul Ties EP.  

Two weeks ago I premiered his “Remain” video here and it garnered a lot of attention. At the same time, DJ Booth did a feature on Rev with is #SignRevToDreamville campaign. 2016 is looking to be his best year yet musically and Soul Ties is the cherry on top of this sundae of a year. This project is spiritual, emotional, and thought provoking. If you’ve listened to Rev’s music in the past, this shows how he has evolved as an artist over the course of a year. You can hear the confidence in his music with these songs and see his devotion to hip-hop. This is a quality project that deserves your attention and you can begin streaming it right now.


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