AUDIO | “Outside” @KrisTru803


There are artists that are consistent and then there are artists that are good consistently. I get swamped with emails and while I’ve been focusing on quality over quantity as of late, I see a lot of emails from the same artists. It’s good to be consistent but if your quality is lacking then nobody will want to hear after the first song or two. That’s never been an issue with South Carolina’s Kris Tru as he has only gotten better with each song he’s released. The current Alaskan, due to military service, is gearing up to drop his Player’s Paradise project on September 12th and drops his latest single for it, “Outside”.

Tru gives us a track that sounds like something T.I. would have given us in his prime. The production is a soul sample and Tru’s southern drawl is prevalent throughout. I’ve described his music before as “all of our favorite southern artists in one” and this is a prime example of that. His flow is stellar, he has soul, and the song is damn good. If this is the direction of how his next album is going to sound then we’re in for another stellar project. 


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