EP | “Retroactive Stimulation” @DecentAtBestNW


One of my favorite things about running an indie hip-hop blog is coming across an eclectic music selection in my email. There’s everything from trap rap to socially conscious rap and even some boom-bap from time to time. I love it when an artist or group will experiment with sounds and craft their own style. I’ve been listening to Pacific Northwest group Decent at Best for a little while now and they have one of the best styles in the music scene right now. They’re a blend of hip-hop, electronic, and rock that, dare I say, transcends music genres. Last week they released their debut EP titled Retroactive Stimulation, a six track journey into their lives.

This project will have you ready to dance as it’s upbeat throughout. It’s a blend of say a Maroon 5 with a sound that is derived from hip-hop roots that features electronic sounds. “Oh Dear” is the perfect example of this as it begins with a fast tempo before slowing down at the end with just instrumental. Everyone needs a change of pace when it comes to listening to music; you can get burnt out listening to one genre all of the time. That’s where DaB comes in to play. You can stream RS below and get a taste of their genre bending sound.


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