VIDEO | “In The Moment” @AmoreTheKing


Today we’re focused about ourselves and the things that occupy our time. That could be family, friends, music, life, a hobby, fantasy football; we’re set in the now and not worried about the future. The future isn’t promised to all of us so it’s important to spend time with the victories you have right now and share that love with those people you love as well. A couple months back Amore King released his “In The Moment” single, one that is certified for the party and ready for the streets. Today, he gives us the video for that track.

There’s a vibe you get from this song, one that makes you feel like you need to nod your head to it as King crafts a catchy hook and some lyrics that will make you want to stunt. Artists aren’t very good at reflecting what their song is about in the video but King doesn’t disappoint in this department. “In The Moment” is full of partying with friends, expensive toys in the background, and even pays homage to humble beginnings. Need something to get the party jumping this weekend? Give this one a spin on the playlist and you’ll be feeling glorious in no time.


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