AUDIO | “Sick Sauce” @DJVHorrorFlick


Five years ago we were put onto the brash and ignorant sounds of Odd Future. Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and crew burst onto the scene and changed the game. There have been lots of artists who have come and gone since then but not many have cited Odd Future as influences. I think we’re going to start seeing more and more artists in the next few years citing them as influences because it will be the younger generation that was wowed and awed by them. Also, with Halloween approaching, this is a song built just for the time of year from DJ-V.

DJ-V has a passion and love for horror and Quentin Tarantino movies which should give you an idea of how his music will sound. “Sick Sauce” sounds like descending into Dracula’s lair as Freeze Muzik provides eerie organs and knocking bass to capture the sound. You know how they say people remember all of the bad things that happen to them? Let’s just say that DJ-V has done that and includes them in his “recipe” to make a “maniac” as the chorus explains. The California native will be releasing his upcoming Maniac 5: Renegade EP on October 15th just in time for Halloween. Stream “Sick Sauce” and see if you’re up for his style of music.


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