VIDEO | “Like This” @TheRealTokin


It’s not often that an artist can get me to go and do something. I hear so much music during the day and at night that I tend to tune some stuff out so the message doesn’t hit me 100% of the time (this is a trick I learned doing radio when you hear a Katy Perry song three times a day for six weeks straight). Then there are times that I see something in a video and it makes me go do it right away. When I moved from Indiana I packed up all of my clothes but I kept most of my old jerseys in a tub. I’ve brought that tub with me to Florida and after seeing Tokin sporting his Kobe high school jersey I went into that tub, grabbed my old jerseys, and threw them in the washer (IG posts to follow). I had to tell that story before talking about the music for “Like This”.

Tokin comes to us from Maryland and has dubbed his new music as “new wave”. The 25 year old gives us an eclectic style with this one, mixing what sounds like electronic music, drum and bass, and hip-hop into one sound. “Like This” is a party track, sure to get you amped to party for the weekend and the video has hints of this as well. We see Tokin and his crew getting wild, drinking from bottles, and even becoming pyromaniacs. Kick your weekend off in style; rock your old school jersey’s and turn this one up.


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