EVENT | @TheSeshOrlando’s September Open Mic


Lately I’ve done a poor job of putting on for the city that I live in. When I was living in Augusta I went out and caught some shows periodically but there wasn’t much going on. Now that I live in Orlando, FL, I feel like there are more shows and more chances to network with the people creating the music in the city. I had plans to go out this coming Wednesday to a show but life happened. I still wanted to support the event though so that’s where this post comes in.

The Sesh is a monthly open mic that features artists from around the city. You can come perform as long as you get signed up so if you’re looking to craft your chops and get on stage to perform to perfect your craft, get to Phantom Bar on Colonial Dr. at 7pm. Entry is $5 with a $1 raffle during the night and the show kicking off at 8pm. This occurs on the first Wednesday of the month so if you can’t make it out to support, like myself, there will be one going on next month so plan ahead for that.



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