VIDEO | “Mojo/Just A Summer Love” @MrBetterThanYou


Summer is officially over. Well, not on the calendar but I always see summer being over as Labor Day weekend. School is back in for every kid, it’s getting dark earlier, and football has returned to our TV’s. Nothing wrong with that, especially now that I live in Florida where it’s 100 almost every day from May to September. With the end of summer comes the last of the summer tracks and videos for those songs we danced and partied to over the summer. Uncle TreY gives us a double dose of video with his “Mojo/Just A Summer Love” double feature this week.

Both tracks are produced by Gold Haze and were released as singles previously (here and here). “Mojo” is a fun track and the video for it expresses that same tone throughout as we see TreY getting his mack on only to get caught up (and caught) by the ladies he’s playing. Meanwhile “Just A Summer Love” takes a little more serious approach, mostly showing TreY on a bench thinking out loud to the camera as he raps his thoughts. You don’t see the double video much anymore so to have two solid records for one is a nice touch. You can check them out below.


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