#JHMF PREMIERE: AUDIO | “Liner Notes” @AcapellaTNFAC


As a teenager when I was first getting into music I used to buy any hip-hop album I could. This also explains why I own Chingy’s Jackpot album AND J-Kwon’s Hood Hop album. That’s besides the point though; the reason I bought every album I could was because I LOVED reading the liner notes. I loved seeing who produced what song and what songs were sampled. The liner notes of an album were the nerd in me learning more and more about this genre of music that I had to discover for myself as a pre-teen. Detroit’s Acapella returns with a single dedicated to “Liner Notes” this week and I get the honor of premiering it.

You’ll take a trip down memory lane on this one as Acapella mentions everyone you can think of on this record. The guitar melody is mellow and is perfect to reminisce on all of the old albums you would go to your local CD store and purchase. Maxi single? Check. Biggie & Pac? Check. Everyone from Ma$e to Master P to LL Cool J are name dropped as Acapella takes us on his musical history. Now that I’ve played this a few times, I have to go pull out my old CD case and start going through “Joe’s Mix Vol.1” through…well, I think I stopped keeping track at Vol. 60. If you like this one? Purchase it!


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