AUDIO | “Grey Goose Quesadilla” @JahshuaSmith @MicWrite


I’ve never drank Grey Goose but I have a story from college about it and why I don’t let my best friend drink any vodka anymore. We were both going to a house party on New Year’s Eve while I was in college. I had been there already and my friend shows up after midnight. He walks in with a fifth of Goose and I go up to tell him Happy New Year with a dap. He cocks back to try and swing on me and I had to yell that it was me. From that moment I decided to never hang out with him while he had vodka ever again. Now that my story is over, let’s get to some fire music from Detroit’s Jahshua Smith.

Smith is getting prepared to drop his The Fourth Wall album soon and let’s this fun record go as the third single. Produced by StewRAT and The Sound Addict, Smith gets some help from fellow Detroit native Mic Write on this one as the two tell us about a drunken night on the town. For some reason after a night of drinking a quesadilla sounds amazing. There’s a spot in my hometown that I love to go to after getting trashed on Crown & Coke to get a chicken and cheese quesadilla. This is different from your usual “party” records so turn it up, rap along, and go get wasted.


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